A Blessed Pilgrimage

The pilgrim circuit of Madurai, Rameswaram, and Kanya Kumari is an ancient one. Madurai is among the many shrines dedicated to the various aspects of Mahadevi, the great Mother Goddess.Madurai is in the centre of a very sacred space. It is the seat of a Devi, and the nearby Kanya Kumari is also a shrine to the goddess. A small journey away is the pilgrimage of Rameswaram, whose landscape is deeply intertwined with the Ramayana and the story of Lord Rama’s invasion of Lanka. It is also a Chaar Dhaam of Vishnu, and the Ramanathaswamy Temple has a jyotirlingam.Madurai Tours and Travels warmly invites you to South India tours, which include Madurai, Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, and many more.spiritual experience where you can worship Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, his avatar Rama, and Devi during your pilgrimage.

Great city & place to develop your spirituality & meditation

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Madurai Specials

Vaigai River

One of the special in madurai The Vaigai River, in is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and spiritual significance. Its banks are adorned with ancient temples, bustling markets, and vibrant festivals, making it a cherished symbol of Madurai's history and tradition.

Jasmine Flower

The Madurai Jasmine, also known as "Mullai" in Tamil, is renowned for its intoxicating fragrance and delicate beauty. Adorning the city with its white blossoms, this aromatic flower holds a special place in local culture and traditions, symbolizing purity, love, and spirituality. It is often used in religious rituals, floral garlands, perfumes, and decorative arrangements.


Madurai boasts a rich culinary heritage, offering a variety of delectable dishes such as Bun Parotta, Jigarthanda, Kari Dosa, and Kola Urundai, keerai vadai, Paruthipaal etc.. These traditional delicacies reflect the city's vibrant flavors and culinary traditions.

Handloom Industry

Madurai is famous for its vibrant handloom textiles, especially the exquisite Madurai Sungudi sarees. These sarees are known for their vibrant colors, intricate designs, and superior quality, making them prized possessions and popular souvenirs for visitors.


Madurai is renowned for its handicrafts. These handicrafts range from intricately carved woodwork and metalware to stunning stone sculptures and traditional paintings. Each piece reflects the cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of the region. These handloom creations embody centuries of weaving expertise and cultural heritage.

How To Reach Madurai

By Air

Airport is in Perungudi which is 15 km away from central city. It provides domestic and international flight services around the clock.

By Train

Next to Chennai this railway division is the largest. There are direct trains to all over India and the railway station is well maintained with A/c waiting hall.

By Bus

As it is a metropolitan city buses to all over Major cities is available. There are three main bus terminals that are Mattuthavani, Periyar and Arappalayam.

Madurai Map