Adisokanathar Temple

The Adisokanathar Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, is one of the most renowned temples in South India and holds significant historical and religious importance.
Here are some key points about the history and special features of the Adisokanathar Temple:


The lingam consecrated by Kubera, lord of wealth, is Adisokanathar here. Budhan Dosha is the Budhan Shetra that you should worship. It is believed that by worshiping this temple, the marriage ban will be removed, children will be born, and poverty will be removed.


Located near Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Simmakkal Adi Sokkanath Temple. This temple is believed to be older than the Meenakshi Amman temple

Special features:

That is 2500 years old. Special features of the old Sokkanatha Temple: Shivalingas Worshiped By Kubera It is a time-honored belief that the linga worshiped and consecrated by Kubera, the lord of wealth, is the first Shivalinga here to increase his wealth.
This temple is also known as Adisokanathar, Old Sokkanathar, or Vadathiruvalavai Temple. Agaya Sthala is the old Chokkanatha Temple in Madurai among the Panchabhuta Temples. Planet Budha: Mercury Worshiped In This Temple Planet Budha: Mercury Worshiped In This Temple As Lord Mercury worshiped this planet, this temple is a Mercury temple to be worshiped to get rid of Mercury Dosha.


Kusela Pandyan, who is considered to be the best in education, ruled Madurai. Kapilar's friend Idhakatur, who was a poet of the Tamil Sangam, went to Pandyan's palace and sang the song he had brought in praise to the king. The Pandya king became jealous after hearing the song of Idhakatur. So he did not treat him properly. Repentant at this, King Adhikadar expressed his grief by telling Shiva that he had insulted him out of jealousy.
He immediately disguised his linga form and got up with Umadevi in the temple directly north of the temple, south of the Vaigai river, and said that he would teach the king a lesson by giving a sight to Adhikattur as well. Devotees who came to worship the Lord during the Tirupalli uprising were shocked to find the Shiva Lingam missing there. Immediately after telling the matter to the king, the king also came to the temple and prayed to Lord Shiva.
The Lord, who was moved by the secret of the Madurai Meenakshi Amman idol and the amazing features of the temple, said that this wonderful lingam worshiped by my friend Kuberan is the most powerful among the existing lingams. Arulpalithu passed away, saying that from today on, this place will be known as Uttara Valavai. In this temple, Meenakshi, Sokkanathar, Vinayagar, Nataraja, Navagraha Sannathi, Idhikatur Siddhar, etc. bless the devotees.


It is believed that worshiping the Lord in this temple will remove the barrier of marriage, give birth to children, and remove poverty. This temple is always full of devotees. Temple Location: This temple is located near Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple at a distance of half a kilometer. The temple is located near Simmakkal Bus Stand.

Ancient Origins:

The temple is believed to have ancient origins, with historical records dating back centuries. It has been a center of worship and cultural significance for the local community and devotees.

Architectural Grandeur:

The temple is renowned for its magnificent Dravidian architecture, characterized by towering gopurams (gateway towers), intricately carved pillars, and vibrant sculptures depicting various deities, mythological stories, and celestial beings.
Kubera came to Aalavaai (Madurai) to worship Siva. Being the digpalaka and adipati of the northern direction, he installed a Lingam here, i.e., to the north of the city, and worshipped it. This is said to have taken place even before Siva, as Sundareswarar, came to Madurai, and so this temple is regarded as older than the Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple.

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