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Thiru Etakam and Madurai are no different. Closely associated with the history and culture of Madurai. In Tamil Nadu, there are many Muktithalams similar to Kashi. Chief among them is Thiruvedakam. If you stay here for a day and worship Isaan, you will get the blessing of living in Kashi for the rest of your life. Slaves say that this is important in places that give salvation.
Here are some key points about the history and special features of Edaganathar Temple:

History & Specialties:

Gnanasambandhar won by fighting with the Jains. Sambandhar's Thirunallartupathigam, which was placed in the fire, did not wither in the fire, and the greenery returned unchanged. Believing that even if Anal gave up the funnel, the Jains wrote their argument in Vaigai and ran away. It vanished like a leaf falling into a river. Gnanasambandar wrote the inscription 'Jivaka Anthanar' and placed it in Vaigai.

Those who are caught in the flood of the river have to go to the shore during its course. Many may drown without ashore. So is this birth. Everything must move in the births it drags. Only a few swimmers have the ability to swim against it. If this condition is for those who are trapped in the vortex of the river, what can we say about the condition of those who are trapped in the vortex of birth?.

Gnansambandar started moving in the opposite direction instead of moving in the direction of Edu Vaigai. Thiru Aetagam is the place where the boat carrying Eason's grace landed. The one who has solved the problem of our birth is the one who can solve our problems and save us. That is why devotees say that if you come to Thiruvedakam and worship ThiruEtakanatha, the bondage of birth will be solved.

This Thalatu is worshiped by various names, such as Eesan, Edakesar, Edakanathar, and Edakanatheswarar. There are two gopurams for both Ammai and Appan in the temple. In the inner court of Eason's temple in the eastern circle, Surya Saya appears as the signal Samedara. Sixty-three sit in the southern circle of the inner prakara. Sannidhi of Utsava murthas in the south-west corner. Etakanath, Elavarkuzali, Arumuga Swami, Ganapathi, Somaskandhar, Gnanasambandhar, and many Utsavath lords attract our attention from there. Next is the Sannidhi of Meikanda Shiva, Umapati Shiva, Arul Nandi Shiva, and Gnana Gnana Shiva.

In the temple structure, parallel to it, to the right of the Swami, facing east, is the goddess temple. Spacious inner courtyard. In front of Amman Sannidhi, you can worship Bali Peedam, Nandi, Dwara Ganapati, and Dwara Dandapani and enter Amman Sannidhi. A lot of sculptures on Amman temple pillars also attract our attention. Rishabha Nath, Nagalingam, Danyamathar, Sanganan, Dandapani, Tiger-footed Sage (Vyagrapadar), Vinodhamuni, Thumpuru indulging in music, Durga carrying a spear, elephants performing penance, and various birds, including swans, are carved into beautiful sculptures and steal our hearts. At the upper part of Amman Karurai Gate, Rishabha Vaughaner, Gajalakshmi, Vinayaka, Muruga, and women with veena are performing.

Ambikai, who graces here, is called Elavarkuzhali. Here he graces the shrine where Ammai stood. In two of the four Thirukarams, he bears an abhyam and a boon. Devotees say that if you pray to the goddess here, you will be blessed with marriage.
Icha, Kriya, and Gnana Saktis are in Goshta. Ganesha Sannidi is in the south-west corner of the prakaram, and Subra Maniyar Sannidhi is in the north-west corner. The schoolhouse in the north round of the Prakaram. Goddess Sandeswari graces with Sannidhi in the separate hall.

On one of the pillars of Amman Sannidhi, there is a sculpture of the child of Trinjana Sambandha. With Chin Mudra garlanded on his head and without a cymbal, Gnanasambandhar's beauty is mind-blowing.
This temple has been built with great care. Seer Nedumar, standing as the Lord who cured his illness, performed the rites in this temple. Many of the Pandya kings who came after him paid homage to this temple and got blessed. The kings of Vijayanagara also did a lot of repairs to this temple.

It is considered very auspicious to visit this temple on Karthikai Somavar. The festival of Edu Vathi is held at this place in the month of Avani. Devotees say that if you do darshan of this ceremony, you will get rid of all evils and get salvation.

Devotees list various benefits to those who ask what they will get in this way; let the birth class be resolved. Gnanasambandar is a place where God has conquered his enemies, so if you come here and pray to Isaan, the problems caused by your enemies will be removed. Adiyas say that Eason, who cured the disease of the Pandya king, appears in this place as a Mahadeva who bestows mental health.If you come here and pray, your mental fear, fatigue, and hopelessness will be removed, all physical diseases will be removed, and your body and mind will be healthy.

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