Koodalazgar Kovil

The Koodalazgar Kovil in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, is one of the most renowned temples in South India and holds significant historical and religious importance.
Here are some key points about the history and special features of the Koodalazgar Kovil:

Founding and Early History:

This temple was initially built during the Pandya reign, while the pillars and shrine were developed later during the Vijayanagar dynasty and the rule of the Madurai Nayak kings.

History :

The history of this temple can be traced back to the Sangam Period. One can find mention of Koodal Azhagar Koil in Paripadal and Silappadikaram. Many poets from the Sangam period have praised the presiding deity of this temple with the names Thuvarikoman and KoodalAlagar.
Inscriptions in the temple describe the huge amount of gifts and donations this shrine used to receive for various constructions during various rules. For instance, during Madurai Nayaks rue in the 16th century, Dwajasthambammadap was built. Some parts of the temple were renovated even in 1920, and now it is under the maintenance of the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
During the Pandyan regime, the Avani Onam festival dedicated to Lord Koodal Alagar used to be celebrated for a span of seven days. There are many other mentions of the Lord and the temple associated with this temple in ancient poems of the Sangam period during the 3rd century in works such as Madurai Kanchi by Mangudi Marudan, Kaliththokai, Paripāṭal, and Silappatikaram.

Legend of Temple:

There are mentions of KoodalAlagar in BrahmandaPurana in its seven chapters. It is also said that the great King Prithu, Malaydioaja, worshipped Sri Koodalalagar. As a result of this, the Lord blessed them with opulence along with the attainment of moksha.
According to a legend, Vishnuchitha, who is considered the foremost among the twelve Alwars, mystical saints, used to praise Lord Vishnu's presence in temples in their poems. Vishnuchitha was known for quoting from Vedic texts and his arguments on the sovereignty of Lord Narayana. Once he was invited to Madurai at the Pandya King Court, where he established the greatness of the Lord throughout his convincing arguments, after which a miracle.
happened, which even made the King celebrate his divine victory. During the victory procession, which was led by the King himself and many Vedic saints, Sri KoodalAlagar appeared and blessed Vishnuchitha, who then sung Thirupallandu in the Lord’s praise and offered Mangalasasanam. Even today, Thirupallandu is chanted in the temples.

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