Nupura Gangai

The Nupura Ganga in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, is one of the most renowned temples in South India and holds significant historical and religious importance.
Here are some key points about the history and special features of the Nupura Ganga:

History & Special Features:

Research results show that Nupura Ganga Theertha is rich in iron and copper. This remedy is said to have healing powers.A little further up from the Palamuthircholai Murugan Temple is the Rakkai Temple, the ancestral deity of the Veduvaras. Nupura Ganga Theertha is found here. This tirtha is known to be a thousand years old. It is said that the place where this thirtham is produced has not been discovered so far, even in the midst of much research.

Madhavi comes and falls in the mandapam through the thick gomukhi, like an elephant's chant, this Nupura Ganga Theertha. Rescarch results show that this solution is rich in iron and copper. This remedy is said to have healing powers. When the river flows south, it is also called 'Silambaru'. Sweeping the fect of Alagara seated under Mount Cholai, the last Yaga flows into the fields and mingles with the lakes. It is also called "Tenar because the taste of the river water and the grains grown by the river water are great. It is in this water that the famous Alagar temple offering Samba Dosa is prepared

One and a half miles from here is the Hanuman Theertha. There is also a Hanuman temple here. A little above this, there are both Garuda Theertha and Garuda Temple. A Pandava Theertha and a temple can be found next to it. On the northern slope of the hill, there is a big waterfall, tirtha', which can cure sin at the sight of it. A little north of Alaghar Temple, there is a Theertha called 'Uttara Narayana Vavi. It is believed that abhishekam and cooking should be done to the attendant deities of Alaghar temple with this tirtha.

Nupura Ganga Thirtham, 2 miles away, is brought daily to the beautiful Thirumanjanam alone. Alaghar would stay in Madurai and Vandiyur during Chaitrotsava. Even then, he is offered Thirumanjanam only by bringing Nupura Ganga Theertha. It is said that if Alagara is bathed in other tirthas, this is done because his image gives an impression.

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