Pandi Kovil

Pandi Temple is an ancient temple located at the top of Madurai city in Tamil Nadu. Pandi Muneeswarar is worshiped as a powerful deity. Pandi Muneeswarar, one of the Pandyan kings, is believed to have resided here.

Head History:

Two hundred years ago, a couple named Valliammal and Periyasamy from Mutharaiyar dynasty migrated from Karur to Madurai. As it got dark on the way to Madurai, they decided to stay at Melamadai near the present Mattuthavani and slept there. At night, a long-bearded sage appeared in Valliammal's dream and said that he was Pandyan Nedunjezhiyan, the ruler of Madurai, and that he had been reborn for the sin of injustice to Kannagi's husband Govalan, and that he would meditate on the Eason at the same place eight feet deep in the earth, and if he would be restored and worshiped, his family would live. A startled Valliammal told her husband what had happened and they picked up the idol buried eight feet deep in the soil.
After that, Pandi started worshiping as Muniswarar and built a temple here. The community of Valliammal continues to worship and maintain this temple till today.

Composition by Pandi Muneeswarar:

Unlike other guardian deities of the world, he is seated facing East in Padmasana posture.

Religious Black:

Karuppasamy is worshiped as the deity of this temple. Once, an Englishman who was going to hunt came to Samaya Karuppasamy in this temple and asked him how many animals he was going to hunt today. There was no response from Samaya Karuppasamy. Likewise, the Englishman could not hunt even a single animal that day. In the same rage, he cut off Sami's hand and head. Then the Englishman, who was on his way to his abode, was stoned before he and his horse crossed the village boundary. It is because of this that Samaya Karuppasamy is seen without difficulty till today.


In this temple, Pandi Muneeswarar is worshiped as the source deity. Also Vinayaka, Samaya Karuppasamy, Antichami, Subramaniyar are placed as sub-gods.


Visitors to the temple first worship Lord Ganesha and then Pandi Muneeswarar. Pandi Muneeswarar here does not eat grass. Therefore, he is worshiped with buttermilk, milk, fragrant balm, sandalwood, savvad, sugarless pongal, fruits and coconuts. Also, the religious Karuppasamy here is worshiped by sacrificing goats and chickens and making liquor, cigars etc.

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Pandi Kovil