Vandiyur Veeraragava Perumal Temple

Vandiyur Veeraragava Perumal Temple is where this miracle happened hundreds of years ago. Devotees believe that if they come to this Perumal temple in times of danger, he will come and protect them.
Here are some key points about the history and special features of Veeraragava Perumal Temple:

History & Special Feature:

On that day, the golden rice was decorated. The hall itself was converted into a gold hall. In the midst of the gold, Alaghar was sitting as another gold. Countless people have gathered to have darshan of Alaghar. The crowd is overflowing and people are rejoicing in devotion and joy. Perumal Thiruvulam seems to have taken it to test whether these are empty shouts or whether they have inner commitment... About the fire in the hall. Should the dry rays be asked to take hold of the body... The entire hall was instantly engulfed in flames.

Everyone gathered there, from the king onwards, was stunned. Seeing this, those who were thrilled with 'Govindo... beautiful' were now stunned. Then a man jumped into the fire. He took Perumal in his arms. The fire started on his back. But without caring about it, he picked up Perumal and ran out into the sand. The people and the king ran to see. The man lies down. He is leaning on his chest and lying down. The fire in his mane was extinguished as the sand rolled out. Other priests ran and bought Perumal. They treated the man's burns. The king ran and bowed to his feet.

“Sir, who are you... I am the first to be honored in this festival. But all I could do was watch the spectacle with amusement. But you bravely jumped into the fire and brought your father's bride. Your mane is about fire while my mane is about shame. What is the point of garlands... honors... circles... I order that you should be given the first honor in this festival," said the King emotionally.

“Manna, I am an ordinary priest in this Veeraragava Perumal temple. My name is Amudhar. Alagara wakes up for a feast at Perumal's house. Isn't it the responsibility of that Perumal to protect the guest... I think that he penetrated me and did this act. Arrow has no pride in the world. Glory to God. Amudhar humbled himself and convinced the Lord, "Isn't this Veeraragawa Perumal the one who sent me like that... Therefore, I pray that the first honor that they said they would give in the Alaghar Utsavam should be offered to that Veeraragawa Perumal." Since he offered to sacrifice his own life, he was thereafter given the title of 'Sacrificing Amudhar'.

Vandiyur Veeraragava Perumal Temple is where this miracle happened hundreds of years ago. Even today in this Perumal temple, the annual 'Sacrificed Amuthar' festival is held here for 15 days. Devotees believe that if they come to this Perumal temple in times of danger, he will come and protect them.
Alagar comes here during Chitra Utsavam and offers Vayajhi service.
Although the history of this magnificent temple dates back to a thousand years ago, Chokkapanayakar is the one who systematically expanded it. Here in the sanctum sanctorum Perumal Bhudevi serves with Sridevi's mother. Here Perumal is seen as Karunamurthy to take the umbrella of Aadi Session with Thiruvachi. Just by seeing the spectacle of Perumal, the mind is relieved and thrill and happiness are created. If you go to see the mother after seeing the miraculous sight that solves your worries, she will appear there with a gracious face.

Kanakavalli is the name of the blessed mother here. Kanaka means gold. It is believed that this mother is the one who removes the poverty of the devotees who come here to pray and bless them with wealth. Especially on Fridays, it is believed that the mother immediately fulfills the wishes of the devotees who come to this temple to pray.
In this temple, Perumal can be seen in the standing and seated trikolams. Perumal appears in the kolam where Sriranganathar is lying and seated as Yoga Narasimha. Therefore, devotees say that it is very special to come here and pray to Perumal.

Special Abhisheka services are held for Ranganatha Perumal here on Fridays. Similarly, special Thirumanjanam is performed to Veeraragava Perumal on Poornami and New Moon days. Andal, Small Thiruvadi, Periya Thiruvadi, Manavala Mamunis, Chakra Chovar with Yoga Narasimha also have their Sannidhi here. It is hoped that those who come here to pray for the blessing of a son, the blessing of marriage, and development in their career, will get them soon.

Special features :

One of the special features of this temple is the worship of Alaghar here. If Alaghar is coming to Madurai, it means coming to Vandiyur Veeraragawa Perumal temple. It is from here that Alaghar would get up in Sesha Vahanam and reach Thenur Mandapam. Then lakhs of people will gather in this temple and have darshan.

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Veeraragava Perumal Temple
Devotees going to Madurai visit Vandiyur Veeraragawa Perumal Temple before going to Alagar Temple. Life will be full of God and Guru.