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Kannaki is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Silappathikaram. Kannagi is the reason why it is called Silapathikaram. Chilambu + Akhamari = Silapathikaram The name Silapathikaram is derived from the Silambu. Silapathikaram was composed by Ilangovadis. Silapathikaram got its name from the story of the creation of Silapathikaram, the first of the five kappiams. Kannaki is another name for discipline. Kannagi is an example of a woman's courage, personality, and fearless eloquence. In this post, we will see the biography of Kannagi, who burned Madurai in government because her husband was punished for a crime he did not commit.

Kovalan Kannagi Story:

Kovalan was the son of Masathuan, a great merchant in Kaveripoompattinam. Govalan's father was a big businessman in Kaveripoompattinam and raised Govalan to be wealthy. Kannagi, the daughter of Manayakan in Kaveripoompattinam, was also no less rich. Their mother and father decided to stay at home and married both Govalan Kannagi.

The Story of Govalan Madhavi:

Kannagi Govalan's life was happy. Kovalan's passion for music not only started with playing musical instruments but also with his passion for art. Govalan had an appreciation for all the arts. One day he saw Madhavi, a dancing heroine, and seeing her and her dancing, Govalan fell in love with Madhavi. She tells Madha that Kovalan has to live with you. Madhavi and Govalan agreed to live together in the same house.

Specialties of Kannagi:

Kovalan separated from Kannagi and wanted to live permanently with Madhavi. He was living happily with Madhavi. If my husband lives with anguish thinking of Kannagi Govalan and lives with another woman,. If she thinks about how to join her husband without showing anger towards Kovalan and blaming others,.

Kovalan Madhavi Division:

Because of Govalan's intense desire for Madhavi and her dance. Whatever Madhavi wished for, he fulfilled it without denying it. Madhavi started taking the money and jewelry from Govalan bit by bit. Finally, if all the wealth is spared, Madhavi starts withdrawing from Govalan. Realizing that, Kovalan then thought of Kannaki.

Kovalan, who came in search of Kannagi:

Kovalan, who lost his wealth, came to Mindum Kannagi in a few days. When Kannagi saw Kovalan, he did not ask him a word. Seeing Kannagi, Govalan understood that Kannagi had more affection for me than Madhavi. Govalan goes near Kannagi and holds her hands. I lost all the wealth I had. So he said that we would go to Madurai and regain the lost wealth and return to the old situation. Kannagi told Govalan not to worry and left for Madurai.

Kovalan, who tried to sell windchimes:

Kannagi Govalan, who came to Madurai, did not have any money. Because of the ruby that Kannagi wore for expenses, but if he asked Kovalan to sell it to him. The cymbal she wore was made of ruby. One stone in it will cost thousands. Kovalan went to the store to sell it.

The goldsmith who stole the cymbal from the king's wife:

The court goldsmith was stumbling after stealing the cymbal worn by the Pandya king's wife. Then Polkollan saw Kovalan standing on the street with a windlass and took advantage of it to escape from him. Kovalan was imprisoned for lying to the king.

History of the Kovalan Murder:

Kovalan was brought to the court with a torch. Then the king asks, Who are you? And Kovalan, I am the son of a Masathu merchant who lived in Kaveripoompattinam. My name is Kovalan. We came to Madurai to lose wealth and gain wealth. Soldiers arrested me when I tried to sell my wife's khatsila. He said that what I am saying is true; this wind chime belongs to my wife. The Pandya king did not listen to him and immediately ordered him killed. According to his verdict, Govalan was murdered.

Litigation ear song:

Tera manna seppeduwa vedene
Ellaru shaliyavaar wiappap
puluru punkan tirthon anriyum kadamani
naduna natunga aavin khadamani ukuneer
nenchusudat tanthan arumfertel putulwanai ali's madithon pruumname
padiye avvur esach shalya
the music lamp of perungudi
masathu Vanikan son of ulvini turappach sukkazhal manna

If you came in yesterday, I asked you to pray for the blessing of the silambu I am Kovalan's wife, who was murdered...
My name is Kannagi, if you say that the palace vibrates with anger, then you are Kannagi. It was wrong to judge my husband without investigating. Break the cymbal in my husband's hand and you will know that it is a cymbal because of the ruby. When it was broken, it was found that the cymbal was made of ruby. Immediately Kannagi threw away another cylam in her hand and the jewels in it shattered. If you make a noise that it is manna who has given judgment without questioning. The king's judgment was wrong. The fallen king did not get up after saying that I should die now. The king's wife saw it and said that I do not exist in this world without you. If the wife also dies.

Kannagi, who burned Madurai:

Chastity is a symbol of individuality. Keeping in mind that the city of Madurai must answer for her tears, Kannagi cursed that the city that killed my husband should burn to ashes. The entire city of Madurai was burned to ashes. They talked all over Madurai about how the Pathini curse was sacrificed.

Who sheltered Kannagi?

Kannagi starts walking long distances in grief over her husband's death. Her feet were soaked in blood while she was walking. She reached a place called Idukki, a part of Kerala state. She took refuge in the house of the Kuras there. If you tell the person who has committed the crime in tears,. She waited for her death for a long time. It is said that one day Govalan took Kannagi to the world of God.

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